NEWZ | StockSnips AI-powered Sentiment US All Cap ETF


NEWZ is an actively managed ETF, designed to help investors navigate the overwhelming surge of news and information using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. NEWZ distinguishes itself by systematically selecting US Large, Mid, and Small Cap equities that are trending in StockSnips proprietary News Media Sentiment, a proxy for investor sentiment that aims to capture individual equities growth potential before it’s fully recognized by the market.

Why purchase this ETF?

Unlock the Potential of AI: In today’s dynamic financial landscape, traditional analysis alone can fall short. NEWZ ETF harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to process vast amounts of news media, providing insights beyond human capabilities.

Actively Managed for Real-Time Adaptation: NEWZ is actively managed and rebalanced monthly, leveraging AI technology to navigate the fast-paced news cycle. This approach ensures a systematic and unemotional response to evolving market dynamics.

Tap into Investor Sentiment: Sentiment often precedes market movements, yet it’s frequently overlooked. NEWZ focuses on equities trending in sentiment, offering investors an edge by capturing trends and sentiment shifts missed by traditional methods.

Tailored for the Modern Investor: NEWZ offers a technology-driven strategy curated by AI specialists. It’s designed for investors who recognize that understanding market sentiment is as vital as grasping fundamental analysis.

Broaden Your US Equity Exposure: Integrating NEWZ into your investment portfolio offers diversification across equities and a distinctive methodology. Position NEWZ as a sleeve component alongside your core investments, seeking uncorrelated market returns.

Fund Objective

NEWZ is an actively-managed exchange-traded fund (“ETF”) that seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by leveraging a proprietary Investor Sentiment signal, which uses advanced artificial intelligence (“AI”) and natural language processing to invest in securities of U.S.-listed large, mid and small capitalization companies with the most positive news coverage. These investor sentiment signals are derived using algorithms that transform unstructured textual data from news articles into quantified real-time sentiment signals. Such news is collected from reliable online sources including news articles, blog posts, SEC filings, and earnings transcripts. StockSnips gathers news information on a daily basis and evaluates such information along with a proprietary historical sentiment dataset covering approximately 5,000 US equities. The algorithms rank the securities in the investment universe based on the amount of positive news available about a company and sentiment momentum. The top 30 to 50 stocks are included in the Fund and are equal weighted. Under normal market conditions, up to 95% of the portfolio assets will be invested in the securities recommended by the algorithms and the portfolio is rebalanced and reconstituted on a monthly basis.

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